The Christenhunks Are Making It Legal

From March 22 through March 25, 2018, Rob Christensen and Laura Shunk are throwing a wedding party in Denver, Colorado. And you’re invited.


Thursday, March 22
Night: Welcome to Denver. Let’s hang. Attire: Casual

Friday, March 23
Day: Group explorations of Denver. Hang out with us. Attire: Light jackets. Maybe heavy if it snows.
Night: The First Main Event.  Night Attire: Vintage Cocktail

Saturday, March 24
Day and Night: The Main Main Event. Attire: Future Cocktail

Sunday, March 25
Day: Brunch and Group Recovery. Attire: Casual


Please RSVP by December 1, 2017 by clicking the big RSVP link above.


Kids are welcome at all events, but in an effort to enhance the experience of parents who’d rather fly childless, we’re working on group babysitting options. Let us know if this is something you’d like to take advantage of via the RSVP form linked above.


Please click the link above to see the registry for our Indian honeymoon and a couple of…unusual…household items. NOT JUST A CHEESY LINE: what we really want for our wedding is for you to come hang out with us all weekend.


More details are coming soon – please check back on the LOGISTICS page.  And answer our RSVP survey question.


The Christenhunks will likely spend some time in the Vail Valley before and after the wedding. If you decide to tack a ski vacation onto the event, please let us know.


Our relationship was forged in the fire of a volcano.

In a way.

Actually, we met online, circa 7.5 years ago. OKCupid thought we both liked dancing, but, as Rob pointed out in his opening missive, the website might have been more effective had it highlighted our much more specific mutual affinity for the Economist. A few exchanged witticisms begot a date, scheduled when an Icelandic volcano blew and delayed Rob’s planned trip to London. A safe lunch of bacon nachos led to an afternoon cocktail led to a pizza and bottle of wine led to dessert and a heated discussion led to dive bar drinks and people-watching led to….

It’s been an eating marathon ever since, through Denver, New York City, Beijing and back to Denver; through 27 countries and 28 states; through one tiny-house rehab and thousands of games of cards.

Last year, we also visited the Icelandic volcano that brought us together. Thanks, volcano.